BImetrics offers solutions for multidimensional analysis of sales of products or services enabling detailed, multidimensional analysis of customers, prices, services, products, volumes in selected periods and locations.


Profitability reports provide detailed information about costs, revenues and achieved margins. Managers receive a tool for a broad analysis of the achieved results, with the possibility of assessing the company’s efficiency at the level of segments, products or customers. Precise profitability analysis indicates which areas should be strengthened and which should be reduced.


BImetrics offers solutions enabling management of an enterprise’s cash position. Based on cash flow forecast, over-liquidity or cash deficits are identified, their level, place of occurrence and duration. Early identification allows for taking advance actions to reduce the risk of losing cash liquidity, or, in case of overliquidity, to create conditions for optimal use of surpluses. This module supports working capital management in a company.

KPI management

The system enables parallel acquisition of data from multiple sources influencing the level of key performance indicators [KPIs], automatically processes them, and gives a picture of the current situation of the company.

Planning and monitoring of achievements

The comparison of the execution level with the assumed plans results in a picture of actual realization of the organization’s goals.¬†BImetrics enables a detailed analysis of performance deviations from the forecast and helps identify their causes. This tool is ideal for managing the implementation of operational plans.

employee bonus system

Thanks to BImetrics it is possible to monitor the achievements of the participants of employee bonus schemes. The system collects information on goal achievement and automatically converts it into a bonus amount attributable to individual employees covered by the programme. proves particularly useful where the results and effectiveness of employee performance determine the company’s success. The implementation of the module results in the individual goals of employees becoming convergent with the goals of the organisation.


BImetrics enables forecasting future results of the company in the assumed scenarios. The object of forecast can be any freely defined variables, such as sales value, the level of market prices of raw materials, the volume of demand. The system allows to analyze the impact of many risk factors simultaneously. Each scenario has a specific probability of occurrence, which together allow to determine the expected result.


While scenario analysis presents the different contexts in which a forecast may be realized, sensitivity analysis examines how much a change in the value of a parameter affects the outcome. This allows for the creation of a risk matrix that presents results calculated based on an assumed change in a given parameter, for example, demand versus price.


The system monitors current currency exposure, including off-exchange exposure, and informs of any missing hedges [currency gap]. HEDGE.fx calculates risk and suggests which contract to conclude [direction, denomination, duration], as well as evaluates the fair value of the concluded derivative contracts.